Different types of troubles have different boarding schools.

Therapeutic schools have different sub specialties, for mental health needs.

Conduct disorder schools are different then therapeutic. It depends on the conduct.

A student who went to one said there were some students had mental health problems but the parents were in denial.

Children who have been victims of sexual abuse can turn into sexual offenders. Or who are sexual offenders.

Therapeutic schools students will hug each other.

Sex offenders are not allowed with in 3 feet of each other.

Going to a boarding school is a novel experience for most children. At the same time, some do not like staying away from their parents and neighborhood friends. Since I am also an ex-student who has been to a boarding school, I can share some advantages and disadvantages of attending one:

Financial aspect

Pros: If you do enough research on what boarding schools would be ideal for your child, then you will be able to find some affordable options. I graduated from Ebenezer International School, Bangalore a few years ago and honestly, the facilities are completely worth the fees my parents paid.

Cons: Some boarding schools do not offer scholarships or compensations of any sort which makes them quite expensive. At times, they also offer some extra new facilities in the middle of the term which could incur extra costs.

Social Interaction

Pros: Some children are outgoing and love talking to new people. A boarding school provides an ideal environment for them to mingle with other students.

Cons: There are other children who are shy and cannot interact openly with the others. Such kids may take some time to make new friends at school and this can be disappointing for some.

Being independent

Pros: Growing children need their space and so placing them in a boarding school with their peers gives them the freedom to be themselves. Even though there are grownups around, kids spend most of the time with their batchmates.

Cons: The sudden change from being dependent on one’s parents to no longer having them around can be upsetting for certain children. They may not find it easy to ask for help. Therefore, find a school that helps students with adjusting to the new situation, and also offer counselling sessions if need be.

The points I have mentioned above broadly cover the pros and cons of sending your child to a boarding school. However, if the school is a good one, it will one of the best experiences for your child.

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